3 Ways To Get Creative With Business Signs

8 March 2016
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When you are considering how to advertise your brick-and-mortar business, you may want to use a different approach than traditional signs. Digital printing and do-it-yourself (DIY) methods can give you the opportunity to move away from traditional signs and use more creative methods of attracting attention.

Create Outdoor Murals

Instead of a simple banner or sign, consider using the exterior wall of your business as your sign. You can design the mural yourself or work with a graphic designer and have it printed on material fit for exterior use. By incorporating colorful graphics and useful information about your business, your mural will automatically generate attention. If your business is located along a strip with other businesses, this is one way to make your establishment stand out when all the businesses look similar to passersby.

The installation of a printed mural is much easier than traditional methods of having someone paint the mural. Unlike painting an outdoor mural, when you are ready for a change, you do not have paint over the existing mural and start from scratch.

Invest In Printed Wallpaper

Similar to outdoor murals, having digitally printed wallpaper expands the opportunities to decorate your business. One fun way to incorporate printed wallpaper is to use the wall as a place for the menu or pricing lists. Instead of having customers squint to read a traditional menu on the wall, this gives you the opportunity to create a larger menu that is easier for your customers to read.

If your business does not have the need for a menu or pricing list, printed wallpaper is just another opportunity to express creativity within your business. You may want to display interesting facts or pictures related to your business, especially if you have a business with historical significance for your area.

Make Use Of Windows

Erasable chalk markers are an easy DIY method of creating signs for your business. You can create signs by writing on the windows and you can avoid the monetary investment of a traditional sign. If you want to try writing on the windows, make sure you have chosen markers that are designed to remain erasable on glass. You should also do a test run on an inconspicuous part of the glass to make sure each color you purchase is fully erasable, even after it has been on the window for several days. Writing small, temporary signs in bright colors will attract attention. It is also useful if you have menu items or promotions that change frequently.

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